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Registration & Withdrawal

Registration will be done online through our student information system, Genesis. As conditions warrant, you may be required to present documentation in person.

Please review the online registration directions at the appropriate link below. On the registration directions page you will find the link to start the registration process in Genesis.

You can save your registration and return to it later to complete or upload documentation. In order to do that, refer to the open registration receipt for your login and password to re-enter the system. Upon completion, you will receive an email confirmation from the district registrar, Lisa Miano. If you have any questions, please email Ms. Miano at [email protected].


2021-22 Kindergarten Registration Information

2021-22 Grades 1-12 Registration Instructions 

Traducción al español de las instrucciones de registro y retiro (Spanish Translation of Registration and Withdrawal Instructions)
Haga clic aquí para obtener una explicación sobre cómo registrar a su hijo, enlaces a instrucciones específicas de grado y para obtener información sobre cómo retirar a su hijo.


Open Registration (for returning users) 

Refundable Tuition Deposit

If you have not yet closed on your home or do not have a rental lease on a property for the school year in which you are trying to enroll, but do have a fully-executed contract of sale or a signed pending lease, you may leave a refundable tuition deposit at our Board of Education Office so that you can proceed with the registration process now. Please email Jennifer Nicholson at [email protected] for further details regarding the deposit.

Reminders for Completing Health Registration Requirements

  • If ANY part of the medical is found missing or incomplete your registration is NOT complete and your child will not be permitted to begin school.

  • The physical exam must be COMPLETED in the U.S. by a U.S. licensed physician. Out of the country physicals CANNOT be accepted.

  • The physical exam must be completed within 365 days prior to the date of school entry.

  • Be sure that your physician has SIGNED and STAMPED the physical exam.

  • Be sure that your physician has completed the form in its entirety (including vision and hearing testing as well), as the limitations to classroom activities, physical education and competitive athletics.  If your physician has indicated that there are limitations, be sure that they have commented on the limitations.  If these are incomplete, the form will be returned to you and registration is INCOMPLETE.

  • If transferring in to Bernards Township from out of the country, review the list of countries that are excluded from Tuberculin testing.  If your country is not listed, be sure that your physician completes Mantoux testing.  Mantoux testing MUST be completed even if you had prior BCG vaccination.

  • For all students entering Grade 6 or higher—they must have documentation of receipt of a Tdap and Meningococcal vaccine.

  • If you are missing an entire series of vaccines (i.e. the Hepatitis B vaccine), you MUST receive at least one dose prior to starting with documentation of the plan for completion.