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Use of Facilities

A request to use one of the district facilities shall be made on an online form only after the schedule has been preliminarily approved by the appropriate facility contact*. Please note that facility use is not approved until you have received email confirmation.

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Please click here for procedure 7510 Use of School Facilities by Outside Organizations. 

2022-23 Use of Facilities - Fee Schedule 

Summer Camp 2022 Application 

Virtual Summer Camp Procedure

Virtual Summer Camp Application 

Please contact Jennifer Nicholson at the Board Office with general questions about facility use at (908) 204-2600 x106 or email [email protected]

*Contacts for preliminary facility reservations:

 Facility  Contact Phone Number 
 Ridge High School  Ann Sobine  (908) 204-2585 x 136
 Ridge High School Athletics  Judee Schroeder  (908) 204-2585 x 141
 Ridge High School PAC  Mary Russoniello  (908) 204-2585 x 165
 William Annin Middle School  Tina O’Donnell  (908) 204-2610 x 100
 Cedar Hill School  Kristine Voorhees  (908) 204-2633 x 102
 Liberty Corner School  Teal Barth  (908) 204-2550 x 103
 Mount Prospect School  Karen Lai  (908) 470-1600 x 102
 Oak Street School  Christine Guibord  (908) 204-2565 x 106