Nick Markarian
BO 908-204-2600 [email protected]
Superintendent ext. 101
Sean Siet BO 908-204-2600 [email protected]
Assistant Superintendent ext. 104
Kristin Fox BO 908-204-2600 [email protected]
Assistant Superintendent
Curriculum & Instruction
ext. 112
James Rollo BO 908-204-2600 [email protected] 
Business Administrator/
Board Secretary
ext. 106
Jean O'Connell OSS 908-204-2565 [email protected]
Director of Special Services ext. 127
Mike Mancino RHS 908-204-2585 [email protected] 
Director of Athletics ext. 140
Alex Blinder BO 908-204-2600 [email protected]
Director of Technology ext. 120
Stephanie Smith RHS 908-204-2585 [email protected]
Director of School Counseling ext. 119
David Hunscher RHS 908-204-2585 [email protected]
Supervisor of Language Arts ext. 120
Kathy Stotler RHS 908-204-2585 [email protected]
Supervisor of World Languages ext. 162
Tom Misiak RHS 908-204-2585 [email protected]
Supervisor of Science & Technology ext. 164
Michael Fackelman RHS 908-204-2585 [email protected]
Supervisor of Fine & Practical Arts ext. 163
Grant Kolmer RHS 908-204-2585 [email protected]
Supervisor of Mathematics ext. 121
John Terry
908-204-2585 [email protected]  
Supervisor of Social Studies ext. 161
Allyson Read OSS 908-204-2565 [email protected]
Supervisor of Special Education
Autistic Program
ext. 124
Lisa Vitale-Stanzione OSS 908-204-2565 [email protected]
Supervisor of Special Education
Grades K-8
ext. 125
Stephanie Orr OSS 908-204-2565 [email protected]
Supervisor of Special Education
Grades 9-12
ext. 129
Russell Lazovick RHS 908-204-2585 [email protected]
Principal ext. 101
Cheryl Howarth RHS 908-204-2585 [email protected]
Asst. Principal ext. 102
Scott Thompson RHS 908-204-2585 [email protected]
Asst. Principal ext. 640
Scott Graber RHS 908-204-2585 [email protected]
Asst. Principal ext. 500
Kathleen Dusebout RHS 908-204-2585 [email protected]
Asst. Principal ext. 104
Karen Hudock WAMS 908-204-2610 [email protected]  
Principal    ext. 101  
Thomas Sharples WAMS 908-204-2610 [email protected]
Asst. Principal ext. 102
Dana Romano  WAMS  908-204-2610 [email protected]
Asst. Principal     ext. 127  
Krissy Uhler  CHS 908-204-2633 [email protected]
Principal ext. 101
Sarah Tompson CHS 908-204-2633 [email protected]
Asst. Principal ext. 120
James Oliver LCS 908-204-2550 [email protected]
Principal ext. 101
Pamela Lawrence  LCS 908-204-2550 [email protected]
Asst. Principal ext. 109
Joanne Hozeny MPS 908-470-1600 [email protected]
Principal ext. 103
Michael Pepitone MPS 908-470-1600 [email protected]
Asst. Principal ext. 104
Holly Foley OSS 908-204-2565 [email protected]
Principal ext. 101
Thomas Thorp OSS 908-204-2565 [email protected]
Asst. Principal ext. 102
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