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Strategic Plan/BT Connect

The Bernards Township Board of Education participated in a Strategic Planning initiative along with your neighbors, community members, friends, teachers, and school district administrators to create a shared vision for the future of the Bernards Township School District.  This process was facilitated by New Jersey School Boards Association.  BT Connect is a newsletter designed to facilitate communication on the progress of the District Strategic Plan.  

For items related to the District Strategic Plan and BT Connect please see below:

District Strategic Plan 

BT Connect Newsletter Vol. 1

BT Connect Newsletter Vol. 2 

BT Connect Communication Council Members 

RHS Schedule Alternatives Q&A

BT Connect Meeting: November 4, 2019 Health Curriculum 
PPT Presentation
Video Recording  

BT Connect Meeting: November 18, 2019 Ridge Master Schedule 
PPT Presentation
Video Recording

BT Connect  Meeting: January 13, 2020 Later School Start Times 
PPT Presentation -Sleep or Not to Sleep - What is the Real Question?, Matthew J. Speesler, M.D.
PPT Presentation -The Science Behind Changing School Start Times to Improve Health and Education, Rochelle Zozula, PhD, DABSM

Video Recording 

BT Connect Meeting: March 5, 2020 Later School Start Times 
PPT Presentation - School Start Times