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ACT/SAT Accommodations

Information about Testing Accommodations

Dear Parents,

The Bernards Township Office of Special Services and RHS Counseling department are providing the following information to assist you in applying for ACT and/ or SAT accommodations, if needed and appropriate. This letter includes Information from the ACT and College Board (PSAT/ SAT) websites. You may access their websites ( or or call them for additional information.  Please note that although the Bernards Township School can assist you with the request for accommodations, the ACT and/or SAT companies make the final decision about the accommodations request. 

The first step is to complete the Consent to Release Information form (to apply for accommodations) provided to you by Ridge High School counselor or case manager. A list of appropriate accommodations will be reviewed. Once the school submits the online accommodations request form, it may take several weeks (4 to 8 weeks) for the student and parent to receive a decision about the request. 


Please note it is the responsibility of the student and parents to register for the ACT and/ or SAT test dates and test location online.  In this letter you will find FAQ and directions for registering.

Answers to FAQ about Students Taking the ACT and SAT with Accommodations

Will my child test at Ridge? 

  • Depending on the accommodations your child may receive permission from the college board or ACT to test at Ridge.  Testing at Ridge High School is not guaranteed.
  • For ACT, Ridge is not a National Testing site. Students who get permission for “Special Testing” can test at Ridge if a proctor is available. 
  • For SAT, Ridge will test students with 50% extended time, testing can be done in small groups on the day of testing.

Who will test my child?

  • If ACT or College Board (SAT) contacts the school to provide a proctor, the office of special services tries to fill the request.  Once a proctor is identified you will be notified of the date and time the test can be given.  
  • We have difficulty finding proctors in December and the summer (July/ August) and we do not recommend registering for a December or summer test. 
  • If we can not provide a proctor, the parents and ACT or College Board are notified.

When will my child be tested?

  • Plan to test on the date the test is offered.  
  • The test is given based on the schedule of the proctor NOT the schedule of the student.  
  • Students can only be tested on the weekend or after school; no tests can be given during the school day.

What do I do if I have more questions?

  • We recommend you always call ACT or College Board first.  For questions about the accommodation decisions and registering for the tests you need to contact ACT or the College Board (SAT) because the school does not make the decisions and can not get exceptions made to their decisions (including missed deadlines or speeding up the process).     
  • For questions the school can answer, you can email your counselor, case manager, or the SSD Coordinator, Stephanie Orr [email protected].

Process for registering for the ACT with Accommodations

  • Register for the ACT® test at
  • Indicate your need for accommodations
  • Select "Center-Based Testing" if you can take the ACT with 50% extended time in one session via computer-based testing 
  • Select "Special Testing" if you need accommodations other than 50% extended time in one session and/or need to take the ACT with paper and pencil 
  • “National” Extended Time testing examinees will receive time-and-a-half on each of the four required multiple choice subject area tests - This is not given at Ridge High School
  • Complete registration; then you will receive an email from ACT with instructions for working with your school to submit a request for accommodations 
  • Forward the email to your counselor or case manager (include the date of testing and the student’s ticket number).
  • After you sign the ACT Release form, the school will submit your request to ACT with the documentation(s) available or that you have provided
  • ACT reviews the request and emails the Accommodations Decision Notification to your school official
  • It often takes at least 4 weeks to get the decision letter.  Once the school receives the letter you will be contacted
  • If the student has been approved for accommodations and registers for future ACT test dates, please notify the school as soon as possible, so that the student’s pre-approved accommodations can be activated in the ACT online accommodations system.  

Registering for the PSAT/SAT with Accommodations

  • The school will submit the request once you indicate you are planning on testing. 
  • If the College Board has already approved you to take the PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, or AP Exams with accommodations, you don’t need to make another request.
  • It can take up to 7 weeks for accommodations to be approved. If you plan to take the PSATs and /or SATs in October, for instance, talk to your counselor to start the process in the spring of the previous school year
  • Once you’re approved for accommodations, you will receive a seven-digit SSD Eligibility Code. You'll be asked to enter this code when you register for the SAT online if you want the pre-approved accommodations to be activated.
  • Check your admission ticket. If you've been approved for accommodations, they should be noted on the ticket. If they're not, call 212-713-8333 to ensure approved accommodations are added to your registration.