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Senior Internship Program

2021 - 2022 Ridge Senior Internship Program May – June Packet

The Ridge Senior Internship Program (SIP) provides opportunities for seniors who meet the eligibility requirements to explore local unpaid internships to further develop skills and knowledge, and gain valuable hands-on experiences in a potential career or area of interest.  An internship opportunity will also provide you with a chance to give back to the local businesses and community organizations that have supported you throughout your years in Basking Ridge.  

There are two types of Senior Internship Programs offered as part of the Ridge High School Curriculum of Studies.  

The Senior Internship (Full Year) Program runs for the full academic year from September through June and is scheduled as part of a student’s senior schedule through the Counseling Office.  

The Senior Internship (May – June) Program will run each academic year from mid-May through mid-June.  Exact program start and end dates are communicated annually.  All seniors who meet all of the prerequisites will be eligible to participate in the program.  Most students who participate in this SIP will report to their internship on a daily basis versus to Ridge for the last 3 – 4 weeks of school.  Although exceptions may apply – all academic requirements must be completed by the beginning of your internship. 

The Senior Internship (May – June) Program will run this academic year from Monday, May 16 through Friday, June 10, 2022.  All seniors who meet the eligibility requirements will be able to participate.  A 2021 – 2022 Senior Internship (May – June) Program calendar has been included in this packet.  

Students will be asked to either self-design an internship (preferred method) or apply for posted internships in the SIP database (which will be limited).  Sponsors of internships will expect students to apply for the internships, submit resumes, and participate in interviews.  Students who are offered an internship will create a schedule in partnership with their internship host that enables them to successfully complete their internship commitments.  In some cases, students may need to complete some remaining academic commitments at Ridge while participating in the internship program. 

Regardless of the program, is important for all students who participate in the Senior Internship Program(s) to understand that you are ambassadors of Ridge High School and the Basking Ridge community.  We look forward to having you participate in the Ridge SIP.  Use the following checklist to see if you qualify to participate in the program.  

In order to qualify for the privilege of participating in the Senior Internship Program(s), all of the eligibility requirements must be met (and checked) on the attached SIP Checklist.  Upon completion of the checklist, please complete the additional forms and obtain the signatures that have been requested, and attach your most current resume.  A sample resume template is included in this packet.  

Email a completed application packet including your completed checklist, parent permission and emergency contact forms, and a copy of your current resume to Mr. John Brum at [email protected] between Monday, November 15 and Friday, February 25, 2022.  Completed documents will only be accepted between these dates.  Feel free to hand deliver a paper-based copy if you are unable to send an electronic copy.  

Please email either – Mr. Brum ([email protected]), your School Counselor, or Ms. Fox ([email protected]) if you have any questions.   ***

Thank you for your interest in the Ridge Senior Internship Program 2021 - 2022.  

Sample Resume Template for SIP

Application Packets can be found online by clicking the link below.  Please make a copy of this document to create your own google doc version for submission:

Link to Application Packet