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Motivating Adolescent Performance (MAP)

The Motivating Adolescent Performance (MAP) program was developed to address the needs of regular education students who are achieving below their potential for a variety of reasons.  This program is offered at Ridge High School.  Students must be recommended for, and accepted into the program, by appropriate school staff.


MAP Goals and Objectives 

To improve self-concept, the student will demonstrate increased competence in: 

  1. Recognizing individual strengths and abilities
  2. Personal self-acceptance
  3. Accepting responsibility for his/her behavior
  4. Interacting with other students
  5. Interacting appropriately with authority figures such as parents, teachers, administrators, and employers

To develop a positive attitude toward learning, the student will demonstrate:

  1. An understanding of the importance of mastering basic skills 
  2. An understanding of the relationship between learning and future goals
  3. Confidence in their ability to learn
  4. An understanding of the relevance and enjoyment of learning

To strengthen the desire and ability to function within society, the student will demonstrate an ability to: 

  1. Develop an attitude of respect and caring for others
  2. Learn how to cope with structures in society such as family, school, work, government
  3. Channel emotions in constructive directions

To develop strategies that will increase the likelihood of academic success, the student will demonstrate: 

  1. Consistent daily attendance
  2. Completed work assignments
  3. Active class participation
  4. Improved grades


MAP Coordinator:

MAP Supervisor: