WAMS Center for Service Learning

WAMS Center for Service Learning

Everyone benefits when middle school students volunteer!

Students acquire life skills and knowledge as they provide a service to those who need it most.  Volunteering teaches students compassion and understanding and gives them a sense of social responsibility.  Working with a community organization helps students find their passions and interests and may lead to a career choice they may or may not have considered.  Most importantly, student volunteerism makes a difference in the lives of others.

Volunteering is simple!

  • Consider your interests and talents.
  • Review the list of community agencies that need help from middle school students sent to parents in an email blast. You will be surprised at the variety and number of agencies looking for volunteers!  If you have questions, see your School Counselor.
  • Contact the agency representative and speak with them about opportunities and expectations, including time commitment.
  • Volunteer!
  • Complete the Community Service Log (sent in the email blast or available in the WAMS Archives)
  • Complete the Community Service Reflection Sheet (sent in the email blast or available in the WAMS Archives)
  • Hand in the Community Service Log and Reflection Sheet to your School Counselor.
  • Receive a WAMS Certificate of Service at the end of the school year.

Never feel that you are too young to help others.  We each have gifts and talents we can use to help others in big and small ways.  Every act of service makes a difference!