Student Records & Report Cards

Report cards and progress reports are available for parents to view online. Grades may be viewed at any time.

Unsatisfactory work notices will be sent to parents of students whose work suggests the need for additional effort. Parents are requested to sign the notice and return it to school. The notice may also serve as communication to initiate a parent-teacher conference.

Parent-teacher conferences are held at the team meetings or on an individual basis. All parents/guardians are urged to talk to individual teachers before bringing classroom concerns to the counseling department. Parents are invited to initiate a conference at any time they feel it advisable by phoning the Counseling Office at 204 2610 ext. 114 and speaking with their child's counselor.


A "Policy of Relevant Recordkeeping" in Bernards Township has been adopted by the Board of Education:

View the Pupil Records Policy. 

View the procedures related to Pupil Records

Authorization to Release Records

Letters of Recommendation Directions

Copies of student records are available for inspection in the Counseling Office upon request. An appointment is necessary to review your child's records. Please contact the Counseling Office at 908-204-2610 x114.