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Harassment and Bullying


The Board of Education believes that harassing, bullying and hazing activities of any type are inconsistent with the educational process and the Board prohibits all such harassing, bullying and/or hazing behavior at any time on school premises, at any school sponsored function, or on any school bus. Any person who believes that he or she has been the victim of harassment, bullying or hazing, or any person with knowledge or belief of conduct which may constitute harassment, bullying or hazing, shall report the alleged acts immediately to the school principal, or Affirmative Action Officer Sean Siet at (908) 204-2600, extension 104, or Superintendent Nick Markarian at (908) 204-2600 extension 101. 

District Bullying Prevention Coordinator:

James Oliver

Assistant Principal at Liberty Corner Elementary School

(908) 204-2550 x118


Ridge High School Anti-Bullying Specialists:

Chad Gillikin

Student Assistance Counselor at Ridge High School

(908) 204-2585 x616


Megan Hoffman

Student Assistance Counselor at Ridge High School

(908) 204-2585 x145



RHS School Safety Team:

Chad Gillikin

Megan Hoffman

Rachel Golum

Meg Jewson

Janine Quimby

Jennifer Raphaels

Jason Stewart

Scott Thompson

Jackie Treanor





Code of Student Conduct

Student Handbook

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