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Substitute Certificate Requirements

In order to substitute teach in the Bernards Township School District, candidates MUST hold either a Substitute Certificate OR a NJ Teaching Certificate. You need only apply for a Substitute Certificate if you do not have a NJ Teaching Certificate. In order to apply for a Substitute Certificate, candidates will need:

  • 60 College Credits (Official Transcripts should be sent to the Board of Education Office)
  • Substitute Credential Application and Oath of Allegiance
  • Personal or Cashier’s Check in the amount of $125.00 made payable to:

All candidates applying to become a substitute teacher must have the following documentation complete and on file prior to assignment. You will NOT be entered into Aesop without final, completed documentation.

  • A Substitute Certificate OR NJ Teaching Certificate
  • Criminal History Review and Fingerprinting (see Morpho Trak document)
  • Tuberculosis Test (Mantoux)
  • Substitute Orientation Packet completion including Mandated Trainings, I-9 and copies of acceptable identification, Confidentiality Agreement, NJ Hire Reporting Form, Payroll Documentation (to be completed during orientation)  

*All candidates must also attend a Substitute Orientation Meeting  


  1. Candidates must come to the Board Office and pick up a Substitute Packet (we do not mail packets).
  2. Packets should be completed and returned to the Board Office. If applying for a Substitute Certificate, OFFICIAL transcripts should be mailed directly to the Board Office.
  3. Candidates will be invited via email to attend a substitute orientation meeting upon return of this packet and should bring the following documentation: a COPY of 2 acceptable forms of ID, a COPY of a current Somerset County Substitute Certificate OR NJ Teaching Certificate, a check for $125.00 (if applying for a Substitute Certificate).
  4. All documentation will be completed in the orientation meeting. If you are missing documentation after the meeting, you will NOT be advised. It is your responsibility to ensure all paperwork is complete at this time. If applying for a Substitute Certificate, applications, transcripts and check will be collected and sent out to the county office the day of the meeting and candidates will be contacted upon return of their Substitute Certificate (this process typically takes 2 – 4 weeks). **Please note, you DO NOT need to complete the Application and Oath of Allegiance if you already hold a NJ Teaching Certificate**
  5. All candidates must be BOARD APPROVED. Substitutes will not be permitted to work until Board approval occurs. You will receive your Board approval date during the orientation. Candidates that do not attend orientation will not be Board approved.
  6. After Board approval occurs, you will be entered into Aesop within one week. Log-in credentials will be sent via personal email addresses provided in the orientation meeting. Once you have Aesop credentials, you can begin actively accepting assignments. NO AESOP CREDENTIALS WILL BE GIVEN UNLESS ALL PAPERWORK IS COMPLETE AND ON FILE.

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