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Registration Directions, Information and Forms (PDF)

Reminder About Busing Timelines
New registrations received and finalized by August 14, 2014 are assured bus assignments, presuming eligibility for busing, by the start of school. The SCESC, our transportation agency, will process busing applications for registrations after this date in accordance with the district's transportation guidelines for the start of school. Our goal is to insure every student registered before the start of school, who is eligible for busing, receives a bus assignment prior to start of school. However, for those who register after August 14, 2014 this may not be possible.

Reminders for Completing Health Registration Requirements

  • If ANY part of the medical is found missing or incomplete your registration is NOT complete and your child will not be permitted to begin school.
  • The physical exam must be COMPLETED in the U.S. by a U.S. licensed physician. Out of the country physicals CANNOT be accepted.
  • The physical exam must be completed within 365 days of school entry.
  • Be sure that your physician has SIGNED and STAMPED the physical exam.
  • Be sure that your physician has completed the form in its entirety (including vision and hearing testing as well), as the limitations to classroom activities, physical education and competitive athletics.  If your physician has indicated that there are limitations, be sure that they have commented on the limitations.  If these are incomplete, the form will be returned to you and registration is INCOMPLETE.
  • If transferring in to Bernards Township from out of the country, review the list of countries that are excluded from Tuberculin testing.  If your country is not listed, be sure that your physician completes Mantoux testing.  Mantoux testing MUST be completed even if you had prior BCG vaccination.
  • For all students entering Grade 6 or higher—they must have documentation of receipt of a Tdap and Meningococcal vaccine.
  • If you are missing an entire series of vaccines (i.e. the Hepatitis B vaccine), you MUST receive at least one dose prior to starting with documentation of the plan for completion.


Student Withdrawal/Transfer - Parental Sign Out Form
*For students leaving the district*

Download Student Transfer Form (PDF)

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