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District Wide

»Professional Development- How to secure approval for absence & expenses

»Pre-Approval of Professional Development Absence & Expenses Form

»Pre-Approval of Administrator Professional Development Absence & Expenses Form

»Mileage Reimbursement Form for regular business travel

»Health Benefits

»Family Leave Insurance - Informational Poster

»Family Leave Insurance - Fact Sheet 

»Handout for Tour of the Bernards Township School District

»New Teacher Orientation Technology Training Handout

»Teaching Rubric Encompassing District Goals 

»Rubicon Login Page

»Directions to Access Curriculum in Rubicon 

»Online Media Center Circulation Search 

»Change of Address Form


AchieveNJ Presentation at K-5 Curriculum Meeting 5/22/13 

Student Growth Objectives Guidebook   

Student Growth Objectives Summary   

SGO Approval Form (Simple) 

SGO Approval Form (Tiered) 

NJ State Mandated Training

Teachscape New User Activation Guide 2013 


»How To Change Passwords 

»Accessing Network Drive from off campus with Windows 7 (requires WebDrive)

»Accessing Network Drive from off campus with Windows XP 

»Accessing Network Drive from off campus with other operating systems (Mac, Linux, etc.) 

»How To Add Email Address to Approved/Blocked Sender List

»How To Archive your Email

»How to Add a Ridge or Annin Network Printer to your tablet/netbook

»How to Add a Printer for Liberty Corner, Oak Street, Cedar Hill and Mount Prospect 

»Click here to access SunGard Application Hosting Page   

»Click here to access Teacher Access Center

»Click here for FAQ on the District's BYOT Policy 

»Network Access for Mac

»How to Enter a Technology Help Request 

»Click here to submit a Help Request


Instructional Coaches

Contacting a Coach 

Instructional Coaching Page 


»Lesson Plans utilizing Smart Board interactive whiteboards 




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