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Health & Medical

Medication Policy  

Bernards Township Public Schools Policy 5330 requires that any medication including over the counter medications (except Tylenol, if approved in writing) requires a completed Request to Administer Medication Form that contains the following information:

  • Parental Permission
  • Physician’s Order - Diagnosis, Medication, Dosage, Route, Time, Side Effects, Length of Treatment, Activity Restrictions.
  • Medication must be delivered in the original, labeled container to the school nurse by parent/guardian. Students may not bring medications to school on their person or in their backpack.

Medication Forms
Allergy - Medication Order Form
Asthma - Medication Order Form
General - Medication Order Form 

Physical Exams
Physical Exam Forms

Flu Information
Please click the link below for Flu Information:
Flu Information

Sunshine Suite - A DayCare Program for Sick Children
Please click here for information about the Sunshine Suite - a DayCare Program for Sick Children.

Substance Abuse Prevention Program 
Please click here for the Substance Abuse Prevention Program.

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