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Board Members

The Board of Education as a group welcomes community input, but understands that some people may wish to address their issues or concerns to individual members. When considering to whom your concern should be addressed, please follow the chain of command below. The group link below will send your message to the full Board; individual links will forward your message only to individual members.

                  Chain of Command

School Level: General District:
Teacher Supervisor/Directors
Principal Superintendent
Superintendent Board of Education*

Please click here to email the Board of Education. 



Robin McKeon, President 2013-2015
Michael Byrne
Mr. Byrne does not accept e-mail.
Please call 908-204-0333 to reach him. 
Beverly Darvin Cwerner 2013-2015
Karen Gray 2014
Elaine Kusel, Vice President 2014-2016
Susan McGowan 2011-2014
Karen Richman 2014
Priti Shah 2011-2014
Linda Wooldridge 2011-2014

Nick Markarian, Superintendent

Please click here for 2014-15 Board Goals.

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